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The long one:
115 km

The long one
The route

The route

Timekeeping will take place on the climbs to the Gotthard Pass, Furka Pass and Nufenen Pass.

Ambrì: the start

From Ambrì you head to Airolo, where the climb to the Gotthard Pass begins on the old Tremola road, which with its countless hairpin bends in granite cobbles climbs to 2106 meters, the top of the pass; the efforts are rewarded with the view of one of the most impressive panoramas of the Swiss Alps.


The ascent to Furka

After Andermatt, it’s time to tackle the Furka Pass. Switzerland's highest Alpine pass challenges the most daring cyclists with hairpin bends and majestic mountains, revealing views of the Rhone glacier, the Galenstock ridge and the 4000-meter peaks of the icy Bernese Oberland.

The climb to Nufenen

After the descent to Oberwald, all efforts are concentrated on the last steep ascent to the Nufenen pass. The Nufenen is a tough one, but impresses with the spectacle of varied nature.


Finishing in style

The way to the finish line becomes shorter and shorter: through the lush meadows of the Bedretto Valley and the village of Airolo, the race finally reaches the finish area at the Valascia race course in Ambrì.

115 km of hard work, with an altitude difference of 3300 m and 40 km of ascent, run amidst breathtaking nature, between magnificent coniferous forests, majestic valleys and imposing peaks that are always covered in snow.

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